First blog post

Blogger? Blogette? Bloggerl? Whatever the title, I’ve done it!  I always have so much on my mind and some of it I fancy worthy of sharing.  It’s going to take some time for me to use this new platform with ease and I thank you in advance for your patience.  One thing I can promise is to never be boring!

I decided to do this because as much as I love FB I find it to be a place where we must tread lightly, be mindful of our opinions, and never let our guards down in defense of hurled judgement.  I hope to have this be a place where we feel free to genuinely connect.  I wanted a place where I could share pieces of my mind and heart;  a journal of sorts perhaps.  I’m guided by my intelligent WordPress hints and tips to share a little of who I am for starters so, here goes nothing.

As a woman who, growing up, never wanted children, I find it thoroughly entertaining that at 41 years old, I still ache for a third baby.  I realized the very second I found out about my first pregnancy that I was born to be a mom to three.  My husband didn’t share my vision and I reluctantly settled myself to the idea that we would always be a family of four.  To this day, I don’t hold him accountable or resent him for that.  I put that on myself.  My youngest is now 7 and my three-baby-ache remains.  I should have fought harder. “Never give up on your dreams” was a hard lesson this time around.  However, I am happier than a pig in poop and blessed beyond measure to have my two amazing sons that bring joy and challenge, but  most of all, purpose to my life.  Young Randi was so wrong about never wanting kids.  She didn’t know then that she needed them.

I’m a glass-half-full kind of gal, who wears her heart on her sleeve.  Bottling things up in that half full glass of mine just doesn’t work for me.  How would I continue to fill the glass with a bunch of unwanted crap in there?

Ikea is on the agenda today and I’d like to get there soon to beat the Saturday rush, so I’ll be back later, but here is my start!  Welcome!!